Privacy Policy


Privacy Policy

What kinds of information do collect?

· We will only collect the name and email address of our subscribers for our newsletter and take good care of the data without sharing it with anyone.

· Users can easily subscribe and unsubscribe from our mailing list at any time as they wish.

· If you decide to comment on any posts on our site, be careful not share any personal information as we will not ask for it. Commenting with personal information is done at owner’s risk.

Things others do and the information they share

· We also collect information that other people provide when they use services.

· We will collect information provided by other users about you and keep it safe and private. This can be a photo, messages sent to you or your contact information.

Networks and connections

· We will connect any information about people or groups affiliated to you.

· collect and store information between you and others be it your interactions with them or any data you have shared with them in groups.

Device information

· collect and store information from or about the devices where you install or access our services from.

· We may also associate this information which we collect from the different devices you use in order to help us serve you better. Here are some of the examples of the kind of information we collect:

I. The location of your device, including specific geographic locations either through GPS, WIFI signals or Bluetooth.

II. Any attributes such as the type of operating system you use, the hardware version, the device settings, file and software names, battery and the strength of signal or device identifiers.

III. Any connection information such as the browser type, the language used, the time zones, IP address or mobile operator.

Information from websites and apps that may use our services

· also collect information when you visit or use third party apps or websites that are linked to our services. This includes all the information about all the apps and service you visit and how you use our services on those sites as well as any information provided to you or us by the site developer.

How do use the information collected? aim to provide engaging experiences for people using our services. We use all this information that we collect to help support our services. Here is how we go about it;

§ By providing, improving and developing services.

We are in a position to deliver all our services, personalize the content, and make the right suggestions for you by referring to this information. It will help us understand how you interact using our services.

§ To communicate with you use the information from you to send marketing communications, inform you about our services and let you know about the terms and policies. We also use this information to give you our feedback once you communicate to us.

§ Provide safety and security use the information used to help us verify accounts and activities and promote safety for our services. This is through investigating suspicious activities and violations of our terms and policies.

How is the information shared?

People using our services to connect with others deserve the best. That is why make it possible for you to share information in the following ways;

§ The people you share and communicate to

When you share information using services, you are in total control over the people you would like the information to reach. Your information is securely protected and we do not share it out to anyone.

Sharing information with third parties and users collaborate with other third party partners who help us provide our services as well as improve on them. This makes it possible for us to operate and provide better services to our users.

Advertising and analytic services strive to make our advertising as relevant and useful as any other information you can find on our services. We will use all your information we have to show you ads. strictly do not share information connected to your email address or any other information that will personally identify you. If we are obliged to do so, aggregate the information so that it doesn’t point back to you.

Contacting Us
If you have any questions and/or clarifications about Terms of Privacy Policy, feel free to contact us and we will try our best to discuss everything with you in a clear and concise matter.

Privacy Policy